Sabtu, 21 Januari 2017

happy new year!!!
This is my first post in 2017.
In 2017 I learn so many things and it would be boring if i make "what i learn in 2016" article, pffftt so mainstream

This post is just to notify you guys, that i will start to write this blog in english, cause i want this blog to gain more readers in international form. 

Let me know what should i write in 2017, 
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Kamis, 29 Desember 2016


Things You can learn from latest Disney Movie "MOANA"
And the soundtrack 100% stuck in my head
Before mentioning things that we can learn from Moana, let me talk about my impression about this movie. 
I'm gonna start of by saying, this movie really really gives impact in my life, all the songs, all the quotes from Moana's granny really gotten into me 
Ever since i saw the movie back in 12 December i can't stop singing "You're Welcome" song by Maui, it was just... AMAZING!!
Oh yeah, talking about Maui, HE WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN MOANA. 
I didn't watch any of Moana trailer before i watch the actual movie in cinema, so i didn't expect Maui to be this funny, realistic guy. 
At first i thought Maui was going to be this fierce, rude character i thought he will be one of the antagonist character. BUT IT TURNS OUT DIFFERENT YO! 
You know the scene when Moana and Maui met for the first time and Maui started singing, I'M IN SHOCK I REALLY REALLY SHOCK. 
I don't know why i like Maui the most. He was rude to Moana in some scene and he's really really pessimist. Maybe because i relate to him so much, i know how it felt when you're chasing love from some people, you do everything for them. i know how it felt too when suddenly people throw you away just because you make one mistake, they constantly forgot a thousand good things you do for them.
Okay, back to the main idea of this post, things you can learn from Moana:

1. You learn about being who you are 
   In the movie, Moana questioned herself over and over again "who am i?" sometimes she was this girl with full responsibility as the chief daughter, and sometime she was this girl who love the sea so much. Moana spend a lot of time thinking is she the chief daughter or this girl who have bond with the ocean, and then she realise, she's both 

   She's the girl who love sea and she's also the chief daughter with full responsibility to protect her village. 

2. You're confident about being yourself 

   This one i got from Moana's granny. She didn't bother called crazy as long as she was free to do what she like. 

3. Good movies didn't have to include romance 
   Moana didn't have a romance component which is something i like. Because kids nowadays already talking about dating, love life, boyfriend girlfriend ,and that kind of stuff. 
   Everytime i watch frozen i always cringe everytime the character talk about love (love in boyfriend girlfriend course tho'). But who knows, maybe someday disney will release another version of Moana and that version include love thingy :D 

4. Don't be pessimist 
   Don't be afraid to try something. Even if you fail before, don't be constantly pessimist, don't give up easily. You need to have this inner motivation that you can do that thing, you can. Just believe in yourself

Maybe for now, that's all. Thank you so much for reading my blog
(perhaps i will make a part2 of this :O )

See you in the next post! 


Sabtu, 05 November 2016

Iman Usman, Cool Role Model for Young People

~Orang yang seharusnya jadi role model anak jaman sekarang~

Oh my gawd, gue update 2 kali hari ini, niat yekan. Ini balasan gue karena Oktober kemaren gak update sama sekali hahaah. Ok, langsung ke topik utama. 

Oke, jadi, gue melakukan ritual utama gue saat libur, yaitu nonton video youtube. Seperti biasa,gue buka subscribtion gue, dan gue nonton video nya agung hapsah yang baru (for note, I REALLY LOVE AGUNG HAPSAH'S VIDEO, HEY AGUNG IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOSSSSS MWAHHHAHAH). Nah video Agung Hapsah yang baru itu, judul nya kalo gak salah "dibalik kesuksesan" dan tanpa basa-basi gue klik. 

Gue bener-bener gak ngerti, ngapain aja gue di internet selama ini, gue gak tau ada orang Indonesia yang bener-bener sukses dan menginspirasi anak muda, nama dia ,Iman Usman. 


So cool

So inspirational

So successful and stuff

Perhaps, lo bakal mikir bahwa Iman Usman adalah orang sukses yang dari kecil udah banyak duit, anak pejabat or else. Tapi lo pada salah (padahal pertama nya gue juga mikir gitu sih heheh). Tapi pemikiran gue berubah setelah gue nonton video Agung Hapsah sampe abis. 

But, sebelom kita masuk kesitu, kalian baca dulu deh ringkasan ini soal Iman Usman. (sumber: linkedIn Iman Usman) 

Just turning 24, Iman Usman is currently the Co-Founder and Chief of Product & Partnership of, an award winning tech-enabled education provider in Indonesia. Prior of founding, Iman was known in the country as one of key opinion leaders in youth development. Iman has co-founded and led some of the largest youth-led movements, such as: the Indonesian Future Leaders and the Indonesian Youth Parliament which mobilized thousands of young people to do social goods. Iman is also the youngest Board Member of YCAB Foundation.

His contribution and commitment to youth empowerment have been recognized and celebrated globally. He has received the 2011 ASEAN Youth Award, the 2011 UN Youth Assembly Recognition on Humanitarian Development, the 2011 Global Teen Leader Award, the 2010 British Council’s Global Changemaker Award, the 2008 Ashoka Young Changemaker Award, and the 2008 Indonesian Young Leader Award by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, among others. He is also an education fellow of Qatar Foundation and Laureate Global Education. His work has been featured by CNN, BBC, Euro News, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek - among others. In 2015, UNICEF and Tsinghua University invited him to give a lecture in Beijing and named him as UNICEF Young Innovator to Watch - among 5 other young innovators in their respective fields.

He received his B.A. cumlaude in International Relations from the University of Indonesia, where he was awarded the National Best Student Award by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2013. In 2014, he completed his M.A. summa cumlaude, in International Education Development from Columbia University in New York.



Kenapa gue baru tau Iman Usman? kenapa kenapa kenapa

I blame the internet for this one, kenapa bulu mata cetar syahrini bisa lebih terkenal daripada Iman Usman, orang sukses yang sudah menginjakan kaki di berbagai negara mengharumkan bangsa. 

Oh yeah, kalo kalian belum nonton video soal Iman Usman yang di buat oleh Agung Hapsah bisa langsung klik link dibawah ini
Di Balik Kesuksesan- Agung Hapsah 

Iman Usman besar di Padang, Sumatera Barat. Dan pada awal nya dia belajar bahasa Inggris karena dia ingin membaca novel Harry Potter. 

And he also start his first business , because of harry potter.( take a not that he was 14 when he start his own business online)

Saat Iman berusia 19 tahun, dia mewakili Indonesia untuk berbicara di depan dewan PBB tentang pemuda (this is so daymn cool). 
Dia sekarang menjalankan salah satu usaha nya yaitu .
Bayangkan saja, idola nya bukan orang-orang hebat, atau artis-artis seperti kendall jenner, or others

Idolanya adalah Harry Potter. 
Gue merasa, banyak orang harus lebih kenal sama inspirational people kayak Iman Usman, daripada terus berbincang soal selebgram yang suka cari sensasi di sosmed
Kenapa gue ngepost ini?
I just feel the need to write this at my blog. Gue ngerasa sangat terinspirasi dan kalo gue bisa berbagi ama orang lewat blog ini, kenapa enggak?